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DDS Apparel


About Us

We are a new kind of women's clothing shopping store! We are not trying to sell you the latest fad! We piece together timeless looks that cater to all body types and lifestyle. We aim to please our clients and provide them with a wardrobe that showcases their best features giving you confidence every time  you wear our pieces. 

In addition, we are making in home shopping parties available for our customers. Invite your friends to try on our clothing to ensure everyone's fashion find fits perfectly. Not only will the hostess earn free merchandise and receive a free gift for booking a party,  the guests can omit the tiresome hassles of online shopping. Live Parties are limited to Maryland, or book a web party where the host can invite friends online to shop. 

The online hostess will still earn  free merchandise, a free gift for everyone participating, and 10% off every order placed. Of course you can still shop the website as well! 

Right now we are offering clothing from the UK and China.  Coming soon, we will offer our own designer line made strictly in the USA, at an affordable price So please watch for that. 

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